NetJets, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is the leader in private jet aviation. Nicknamed has had the pleasure of working with the NetJets internal marketing team since 2014. Projects range from internal/external apps to print advertising and livery design.

Forbes Insert

Standing out from the pages of Forbes is no easy task. Especially, when it's in the exclusive Billionaires issue. Nicknamed designed an 8 page insert that paid homage to the planes in NetJets fleet as well as the Owners that fly in them.

Event Graphics

NetJets exclusive parties take place at some of the biggest events every year, the "Big Game" included. Nicknamed developed a large graphic and environment, that let Owners take part in the excitement of the game.

Ad Campaign

For the 2015 ad campaign, NetJets chose the concept "You Know It, We Know it." What they didn't have was a scalable design for the campaign. Nicknamed developed the look that carried through all forms of media, including magazine, newsprint and digital ads.